vision group

Who we are

Our vision

Our common goal with our partners is to serve our clients with the highest rate of honesty and hard work. Vision Group is dedicated to make ties and bring together businesses and find for them the potential strength for their future, therefore we are committed to build testified professionalism and reputation. We are always working for better quality services, until we reach the superiority level.

Our mission

With the services we are offering, Construction, Call center and IT, we are committed to fulfill the needs and the requirements of our clients. The cooperation and ties are meant to generate business growth and sustainability. Our mission is to generate business fulfillment outside the company, as well as inside with our dedicated employees.

Our history

Vision Group SH.P.K was founded on March 11, 2014. The vision of our company was to provide outsourcing services to several Swiss companies.

Initially, the Vision Group employed 11 persons working in telecommunications. The great demand from our partners was very large, which was the main reason why the Vision Group expanded in huge sizes. The potential and the capacity were and are available. Thus, Vision Group is the largest telecommunications company in Kosovo.


Meet our CEO

Shqipran Kabashi

Shqipran Kabashi is a founder and concertedly named Chief Executive Officer of the Vision Group L.L.C., in the beginning of 2010.

He was born and raised in Rahovec, Kosovo and then he moved to Prishtina where he finished high school and his studies in the field of Business Management. Kabashi brings strong management skills, operations experience, and a passion for service to his role at Vision Group.

Throughout his career in the private and public sector, Kabashi has built strong teams, managed budgets with fiscal responsibility, motivated staff to perform their best, and created and led programs to deliver results.

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